Slaughter On The Earth (2013)

by Necromorphic Irruption

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Austin Namdar
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Austin Namdar I don't seem to get it. Why are Russians the finest at creating the best in slamming sickness? Necromorphic irruption makes some of the best slam I've ever heard. Any die-hard slam fan looking for new music, come support these guys. This ladies and gentlemen is how it's done..
Favorite track: Soaked In Vile Secretion.
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Debut album released through Show No Mercy Records in December 2013.


released December 2, 2013

Album line-up:
Konstantin Mezhankov - Vocals
Maxim Kashaev - Bass/Drum Programming
Evgeny Lopyrev - Guitars



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Necromorphic Irruption Moscow, Russia

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Track Name: Birth Of The Traitor
He came to destroy
Scriptural betrayer
From the sands of time

Exiled from the world
of the living
He saved his rage
for the centuries

Knowing nothing but hatred
He is the one
who will restore justice
And Virtue will be crushed


His image will
Eclipse the sunlight
and plunge humanity
In terror and violence
Merciless enslavement of hypocrites

Coming to every temple
He reminds who is stronger
Crucifying false prophets
Represents the new messiah

History will be rewritten
Covering absolete tracks
Soon everyone will forget
About the old fairy tales

Fall on your knees

He abhors disobedience
Holdout is not an option
You will have to obey him
Not to be vanished

Virgins will move
their legs apart
Being a tool of
a new race creation

Birth of the traitor
Track Name: Soaked In Vile Secretion
Trapped in the cave of monsters
She is waiting for the death
Seating in the total silence
Remembering how she was kidnapped

There's no way to escape
The mother of extraterrestrial
She has to bear mongrel
Who is made of fear and pain

Rabid degenerate is killing her
Rabid degenerate is killing her

Ripping out her guts
Eating to be stronger
Tearing her apart
He rushes to freedom

A human female
Enjoys the suffering
Giving life to the killer
Of the human race

Vomiting her remains
She is laughing
All this sickness
Is going to an end

Pieces of flesh
Are scattered across the lair
A furious alien
Is drinking woman's secretion
Track Name: Transmutative Invader Foetus
An ugly unborn creature in the womb of a beast
Sick cur, which was made to kill
Swallowing gore in the depths
He is waiting for the day to be released
Insane monster from the land of death
Seeing pictures of bloody

Slaughter on the Earth

Destroying the kindness
He proclaims
The reign of darkness
Sorrow and suffering
Of human kind
This is the fall
Of liars empire

No one will survive in vile massacre
Every son will be butchered

Deliverance through the fractured flesh
Death agony of immaculate daughters
Violent baptism of unbelievers
Mutilated bodies of pure infants

Now pray your God you stupid bastards
Hope for forgiveness is the only left
Today you all are going to be dead
Time to pay your fucking debt
Track Name: Inhuman Nightmare
Inhuman nightmare of the living
The day when those who died
Will come for revenge, rotten bloody faces
Taking out your souls through the sacrifice

It’s a fucking holiday
The smell of rotting flesh
They kept their hunger
Waiting for the gluttony
Their damned bodies
Like wounds on the surface
Empty eye sockets
Craving for the fratricide

Stand up from your grave – we are expecting for you
Stand up from your grave – the day when dreams come true
Stand up from your grave – this is your chance
Stand up from your grave – crush the bodies till the end

They got to know the suffering
And now are out for justice
Forgotten and faceless ghosts
Struggling for the death

Like frightened animals
People can’t resist
It’s a violent butchery
And there will be no mercy

Earthmen can’t evade torture and pain
Ages of wrath, envy and pride that you denied
Sloth and lust as the only way of life
Answer is lying at the end of the last strife (x2)

Empty towns full of guts
Rats are eating purulent remains
Downfall of filthy mankind
Long-awaited feast of corpses
Sharp teeth in a soft skin
Rabid monsters everywhere
Decomposing lifeless shadows
Which are cleaning our planet

Burning hopes for salvation
Worthless crying creatures
Tardy twinge of remorse
They are breaking sacred oath
Paying dearly for your mistake
We are hearing the last shout
Hell awaits for newcomers
Earth is going down
Track Name: Triumph Of Male Domination
It’s time to come back to the origins
The world has bogged down in debauchery and lies
Everyone must play their role
To avoid a rapid fall down
Submission to a male is the law
Get on your knees and suck
Instrument of reproduction
With respect and humility
Learn humbleness fucking bitches
This is your only chance for salvation
Defiant will be severely punished
And stoned as in former times
Modern whores forgot what honor was
They will be hanged along the streets
Symbolizing the power of the masculine gender
Total humiliation of imprudent cocksuckers
Ancient wisdom in today’s reality
We are carrying the enlightenment
There is no place for silly cattle
In our kingdom of unrestrained force
Track Name: Symptoms Of Grievous Defacement
Modern world is falling down
Ugly soul of humanity
That is wallowed in the dirt
Nothing can help here
Your priceless icons are forgotten
And sold out
Satisfying your conceit
Nothing is worth saving
Nothing can change it
Nothing will remain
Be afraid of the future
Suffer from pain
Suffer from hunger
Suffer from emptiness
You will not be saved

Darkness is coming
Fear is growing
Reign of terror
Is the following

Bodies lay in piles
The disease is spreading fast
Hope is crushing down
This day is the last
Beauty of the nature
Is buried under trash
Body of the planet
Is like a bloody gash

Screaming in the night
You see the end is near
There will be no light
At the end of the tunnel
Memories of the past
Like a final revelation
Ending up your life
You are crying like an infant

Open your veins!

Rotten meat on the bones of society
Governments destroyed by the loyalty
The last war has come to an end
But there are no medals for soldiers
Only tears will wash their hands
Understanding what they’ve done
Empty thrones in the castles of stone
Everyone is condemned to die alone